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Mark studied Composition with Jack Body at the NZ School of Music and Screen Composition at the Australian Film, TV & Radio School under Martin Armiger. His distinctive style draws on years of writing and performing in many genres (Choral/Rock/EDM/Orchestral/Theatre); he's an old/new hybrid with a creative backbone of classical tradition and rock sensibility.
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February 2017
NEW FEATURE! Just signed on for UNFALLEN starring Michael Madsen (Hateful Eight) & James Nasimi: IMDB - Unfallen.
Wrote some nice cello for this web spot for Hawai'i Natural Energy Institute/Royer Studios: HNEI WEB INTRO

September 2016
More Royer Studios work - 12 HIP HOP tracks for an animation series. Totally out of my comfort zone, and loving it. Also found out I'll be a UCLA EXTENSION instructor from Winter onwards (January), teaching Film Scoring II.

August 2016
Scored another Royer Studios documentary: BIOMASS - all about creating fuel from organic matter.

May 2016
Regular client ROYER STUDIOS needed music for their new production services home page, and I was only too happy to oblige. Check it out here: Royer Studios

December 2015
Gong! Won HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT-BEST COMPOSER at the 5th annual Australian Screen Industry Network Awards for "Charlie's Farm" - which nabbed EIGHT awards including Best Feature, Best Director (Chris Sun) & Best Actor (Nathan Jones).

November 2015
CHARLIE'S FARM SOUNDTRACK RELEASED November 20th! Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and JB Hi-Fi; streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Buy Charlie's Farm OST

October 2015
TWO BIG THINGS - 1: "Flying South" is now screening at the Christchurch Airport cinema that was custom-built for the film. 2: Received an 'Original Score-Independent Film' nomination for the music! Here's the press release: Hollywood Music in Media Awards

September 2015
Filming for Chris Sun's latest film "Boar" is under way; I'll be at the score helm again. A Danish short is in the works. Meanwhile, started work on another Documentary series about sustainable energy for Royer Studios

July 2015
"Flying South" final mix almost complete - helmed by the amazing Mike Hedges at Park Road Post (NZ). Mike mixed the Hobbit and LOTR, picking up 2 Oscars along the way, so the score's re-record is in good hands.

May 2015
Back in LA after epic 5-week New Zealand trip inc. Christchurch Symphony record and concert with Baroque Voices: four works, including Kickstarter-funded commission. Also did a radio chat: http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/afternoons/audio/201754381/the-expats-mark-smythe

March 2015
Spent the last 2 months working on FLYING SOUTH - A 23 minute showcase of New Zealand's South Island - with 22 minutes of music! Recording the score with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra next month.

January 2015
Remixed and mastered CHARLIE'S FARM cues for soundtrack tie-in with US release. Check out "River Reptant" for a chilling pre-listen. Exciting New Zealand project coming up. Attended NAMM. Hello, 2015!

November 2014
CHARLIE'S FARM premiered in Australia to rave reviews! Surprise horror packet TARA REID is winning locals over on the talk show circuit. An early review called it "one of the greatest Australian slasher films of all time": http://cinemaaustralia.com.au/2014/11/07/australian-horror-reborn-we-review-charlies-farm/

August 2014
After 2 months and 30 cues, the CHARLIE'S FARM score is finished. Here's Tara Reid to introduce the November premiere and new theatrical trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I59iE6jt2fk

June 2014
Been taking myself "into the darkness" (Director quote) for the Charlie's Farm score. Trailer up already. This is going to be one terrifying beast of a film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjshevdOimI

April 2014
Still glowing from March 22 concert of my piano/choral works at Edie & Michael Boddicker's, feat. LA Studio Singers! Pics on Flickr.
SOUNZ are streaming the premiere performance of "PERSEPHONE", last year's Baroque Voices commission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjshevdOimI

March 2014
BIG NEWS: signed on for Chris Sun's Aussie Horror "CHARLIE'S FARM", starring Tara Reid (American Pie; Sharknado).
REEL WEST MONTANA launched their YouTube channel in February; I scored the vista-rich trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfZ5kLAwLAo

January 2014
Leszek Burzynski's Feature Documentary LIVING LIFE FORWARDS premieres Jan 18 at the Cecil B. DeMille Theatre. The film traverses Fiji, New Zealand & Hawaii, giving compelling insight into the history and hope of sustainable energy in the South Pacific. It was a delight to score - hopefully the first of many collaborations with Royer Studios!

November 2013
Working on: feature doc for Royer Studios, short for Darcy Miller and game score 'Comic Conquest'. Baroque Voices did a SENSATIONAL performance of 'Persephone' and 'Street Spirit' on the 16th in NZ. Radiohead arrangement on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OsE2xd5rk0&feature=share

September 2013
Been a big 2 months: SOUNZ introduced the NZ HARP REPERTOIRE, with MOTO MOJO a featured work. Helen Webby tells why it's one of her favourite performance pieces: http://sounz.org.nz/content/harprepertoire
Kiwis can hear it live on Helen's upcoming tour. Meanwhile - almost finished new Choir & Harp work 'Persephone', scored an Ethiopian Doco and started work on my first US Game Score. Thriving on variety!

June 2013
I'm delighted to announce another commission from New Zealand's Baroque Voices. I'll be writing a new work for high voices and concert harp (played by the amazing Helen Webby of 'Pluck' fame). The commissioning theme is 'the ceremony of birth and death', for a premiere performance in November this year. Exciting!

May 2013
May in LA was packed with composer goodies. Highlights included the Sundance Composer's Lab, Bruce Broughton's talk at the Academy of Scoring Arts and a last minute call to conduct Joseph Carrillo's "Follow The Drums" @ Professional Musician's Local 47. On the 25th I attended Crush Fanzine 's launch party for their 'Women We Love' edition, featuring Daryl Hannah. This is the magazine that commissioned Jarrah Gurrie's "THE THINGS SHE DID" for the edition (see April news). Good times.

April 2013
Been back in LA all of a month and already the career trajectory's had a swift kick up the proverbial. This week Jarrie Gurrie's short "THE THINGS SHE DID" was released in association with NYC-based Crush Fanzine. It features a still stunning Daryl Hannah and my score: http://vimeo.com/62881739

The upcoming HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Awards) Success Summit will be a pitching/feedback bonanza. What's REALLY exciting is that I somehow used Social Media to win HMMA's Scoring Session Day with Jeff Beal - currently working on the Netflix hit "HOUSE OF CARDS" but also a music hero of mine since his work on the HBO series "CARNIVALE". So yeah, frikkin' COOL!

February 2013
More good news - made it onto the Top 20 Shortlist for the APRA Professional Development Awards. Given the calibre of the other Film & TV composers, many of whom I know, I'd be an outside chance to win but great to get this far! Meanwhile, Australia Council have put up more details of the upcoming JUMP mentoring...including my RETURN TO AMERICA: http://jump.australiacouncil.gov.au/mentees/

January 2013
The end of 2012 was HUGE for 2 reasons: (1) Just after returning from another US trip, I attended the Australian Screen Industry Network Awards in Queensland...and won Best Composer for my score to 'Daddy's Little Girl'. Details and photos here: http://www.australianscreenindustrynetwork.com/events.html

(2) Christmas came early from the Australia Council - they approved my $10K Grant to be mentored by Jeff Cardoni (CSI:Miami) in LA for 10 months, commencing 1 March. So as well as working on a great little short for Jarrah Gurrah (These Empty Streets) and some rescoring for the DLG American cut, I've been busy planning the relocation logistics for a big year ahead...

November 2012
Daddy's Little Girl has secured global distribution! Chris Sun and crew were hugely successful at the American Film Market and YES, DLG is going world wide. The company that's taking on DLG hasn't been released yet, however they work closely with Lions Gate, the Weinsteins and many more. Chris's NEW HORROR FRANCHISE "CHARLIE'S FARM" has also been taken on and will most likely be shot in either Canada or the USA. Chris is pushing to have Charlie's shot in Australia but it's looking like he will head Overseas in 2013 to start the first of a 4 film franchise.

October 2012
Daddy's Little Girl has won BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST ACTOR at the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas. So happy for everyone involved in the making of DLG. Check out Director Chris Sun's phone interview from Vegas: http://soundcloud.com/mark-and-caroline/m-c-int-chris-sun-polygrind

Earlier in the month, Helen Webby released her NZ Harp CD 'Pluck' at the Otago Arts Festival in Dunedin. My piece 'Mojo Moto' got a mention in this article: http://www.odt.co.nz/entertainment/arts/228745/making-ancient-modern
The CD can be purchased via Helen's website: http://www.harp.co.nz/music.asp?

September 2012
No news for 3 months = busy times in composerland. The first chunk of June was taken up with a Documentary for the Coalface Group about the ill-fated Hotel Grand Chancellor in Christchurch, New Zealand. Then I finally got my hands on the full lockoff for Chris Sun's "Daddy's Little Girl". WOW. This film doesn't pull an punches, but may surprise many with its transcendence of genres. Scoring was completed July 20 and I was lucky enough to attend the Sunshine Coast premiere on August 24. On September 1, DLG was the closing film for the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and picked up awards for Best Special FX (Steve Boyle) Best Actress (Allira Jacques) and the Special Jury Prize...no award for music but hey, MIFF didn't have one either. More festivals and a cinematic release are in the pipeline, but meanwhile here's the popular trailer again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs-PZiSg07Q

May 2012
The trailer for "Daddy's Little Girl" is now up on YouTube - 21,000 views in 3 days, and counting... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs-PZiSg07Q

April 2012
Finally scoring another feature film: Director Chris Sun's "Daddy's Little Girl" has already garnered nearly 3000 likes on Facebook and has only just wrapped shooting. A harrowing journey of loss and retribution, the film will be released independently in Australia in 2013. See more on the official Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/DLG666

February 2012
Finished 'Moto Mojo' harp commission for Helen Webby; she's recording this month for NZ CD release later in year. Will also be scoring an independent Aussie feature currently in production; official announcement and FB link coming once filming's completed in April.

December 2011
Back in Melbourne town since November; scored yet another Ad for Auckland Uni. Now revisiting projects with an end of year deadline: final cues & sound design for "Starring Esther", then the harp commission. I'll fit Christmas in somewhere...

October 2011
Attended the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference; insightful panels and a bit of a networking mecca. Returning to Oz end of month so making the most of Tinseltown before I go.

August 2011
Returned to LA to follow up contacts from last visit (and make a few more). Also whipped out two Ads for NZ clients; BUPA and Auckland University.

July 2011
Details of the NYU Film Scoring Workshop are now on the ASCAP site: http://www.ascap.com/eventsawards/events/fsw/NYU/2011/index.aspx

Made a lot of musical friends in the US and look forward to seeing them again soon. Meanwhile, working on additional cues/sound design for "Starring Esther" then moving on to a commission from NZSO harpist Helen Webby - she's putting together New Zealand's first harp CD featuring works by NZ composers. On the screening front, "There Once Was An Island" is currently showing in NZ cinemas to rave reviews. Nice.


©Mark Smythe 2017.
All rights reserved.


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Fiordland 2015 Category: Film Scores

Epic cue from the New Zealand vista spectacular FLYING SOUTH, produced by Natural History NZ. Much more of this film to come...

Film Scores
Track 1
Elegy for Misplaced Parts 2014 Category: Film Scores

Theme from Darcy Miller's 180 DEGREES starring Jonathan Togo (CSI:Miami, Mystic River). Premiered at the Portland Film Festival.

Film Scores
Track 2
River Reptant 2014 Category: Film Scores

Killer track (literally) from CHARLIE'S FARM, Chris Sun's Aussie slasher masterpiece starring Tara Reid. Soundtrack available on iTunes link above.

Film Scores
Track 3
Sylphs & Sprites 2013 Category: Film Scores

Cheeky foray into the Romcom/Disney genre. I defy you not to wonder what's frolicking in your garden at 0.40.

Film Scores
Track 4
Manapouri 2014 Category: Documentary Scores

Travelling/vista theme from LIVING LIFE FORWARDS, a Doco on sustainable energy in the South Pacific. Directed by Leszek Burzynski, produced by ROYER STUDIOS: www.royerstudios.com

Track 1
Bouganville Plantation 2010 Category: Documentary Scores

Reflective moment from Kiwi Director Briar March's multi award-winning Documentary THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND: www.thereoncewasanisland.com

Track 2
Tasfa Sach'i 2013 Category: Documentary Scores

Opening score to Talkingstick Pictures' doco ATA, on the positive impact of the Gates Foundation-funded Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency. 'Tasfa Sach'i' is Amharic for 'hope giving'.

Track 3
Alleluia 2007 Category: Choral

Creative New Zealand-funded commission for Baroque Voices. Live recording from Wellington Cathedral premiere. Performed yearly as BV's 'signature tune' for their new work concerts.

Track 1
A Solis Ortus 2005 Category: Choral

'From the far point of the rising sun'. Creative New Zealand-funded commission for Baroque Voices. Adapted from my alt-rock song "Underbelly".

Track 2
Umbra Animae 2008 Category: Choral

'Shadow of the Soul'. Written ANZAC Day 2008 for Great-Uncle Lance Cyprian Bridge, who died at Gallipoli after helping a wounded mate. Commissioned and premiered by Creative NZ/Baroque Voices.

Track 3
Moto Mojo 2012 Category: Classical

Original work for harp and delay pedal, commissioned by Helen Webby. Premiered at the Otago Arts Festival (NZ) October 2012. The full CD 'Pluck' can be purchased here: www.harp.co.nz/music.asp

Track 1
Recollection 2004 Category: Classical

1st String Quintet, a tribute to my late Gran, Audrey 'Peggy' Smythe. Used in the films 'Terminal Bliss' (James Harmsworth, 2006) and 'A Grain of Sand' (Murray Lorden, 2005).

Track 2

"Mark lifted the emotional layers of my films to a new level." - Jarrah Gurrie, Director

"Mark's mastery of film scoring is impressive. He is both enormously talented and exceptionally personable in equal measure; a delight to work with." - Leszek Burzynski, Director

RADIO NZ choral review:
Listen to it on the jukebox here


©Mark Smythe 2016.
All rights reserved.

More at vimeo.com/marksmythe

SERENITY 2011 Category: FEATURE (rescore)

NYU/ASCAP Film Scoring program 2011. Footage courtesy of Universal Studios. Performed by the New York Philharmonic.


My harp and female choir arrangement of Radiohead's haunting final song from "The Bends". Performed by Baroque Voices (NZ).



For CRUSHfanzine, starring Daryl Hannah. Nominated for BEST SHORT FILM SCORE: Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013
DIRECTOR: Jarrah Gurrie


Thriller. BEST COMPOSER: Australian Screen Industry Network Awards 2012


First trailer for Chris Sun's visceral, vicious and highly entertaining horror starring TARA REID (American Pie, Sharknado). Set to become an Aussie slasher classic and cult franchise.